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Since the beginning of time, civilizations across the world have believed in the goodness & medicinal uses of plants & herbs for healing practices. Their use dates to prehistoric times and they continued as one of the primary methods of treating illnesses. Increasing number of people are using herbal products to maintain overall well-being and address specific health issues.
Name of Product Botanical name
Amla Extract, tannins 20-45% Emblica officinalis
Harda Extract, tannins 15-40% Terminalia chebula
Behda Extract, tannins 15-20% Terminalia bellirica
Ashwagandha Extract, withanolides 1.5-2.5% Withania somnifera
Boswellia Extract, boswellic Acid 40-70% Boswellia serrata
Satawari Extract, saponins 20-40% Asparagus racemosus
Shilajit Extract, total acid 5% Asphaltum
Safed Musli Extract, saponins  15-50% Asparagus Adscendus
Gokhru Extract, saponins 15-60% Tribulus terrestris
Fenugreek Extract, saponins 20-50% Trigonella foenumgraecum
Ginger Extract, gingerol 5-10% Zingiber officinalis
Turmeric Extract, curcminoids 95% Curcuma longa
Garcinia Extract, HCA 50% – 85% Garcinia cambogia
Garlic Extract, allicin 1.5-2.5% Allium sativum
Coleus Extract, Forskohlii 10%-20% Coleus Forskholli
Moringa Extract,  polyphenols 10-15% Moringa Oleifera
White Kidney Bean Extract, phaseolamin 1% Phaseolus vulgaris
Black Pepper Extract, piperine 10%-30% Piper Nigrum
Gotu Kola, saponins 20-40% Centilla Asiatica
Guggul Extract, guggalsterones 2.5% – 5% Commiphora mukul

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