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Spice Oleoresins are pure extracts of a spice and are the concentrated liquid that represent the same characteristics as the spice fully in terms of taste, color, and savor. Spice Oleoresins provide flavour profiles characteristic of the ground spice with a more rapid flavour release. They are economical, with easier quality control, and require lesser storage space.
Name of Product Botanical name
Black Pepper Oleoresin Piper nigrum
Capsicum Oleoresin Capsicum Annum
Cardamom Oleoresin Elettaria cardamomum
Coriander Oleoresin Coriandrum sativum
Cumin Seed Oleoresin Cuminum cyminum
Fenugreek Oleoresin Trigonella foenumgraecum
Ginger Oleoresin Zingiber officinalis
Turmeric Oleoresin Curcuma longa
Celery Seed Oleoresin Apium graveolens
Clove Bud Oleoresin Syzygium aromaticum
Cinnamon Oleoresin Cinnamomum cassia
Fennel Oleoresin Foeniculum vulgare
Mace Oleoresin Myristica fragrans
Mustard Oleoresin Brassica nigra L.
Nutmeg Oleoresin Myristica fragrans
Garlic Oleoresin Allium sativum
Paprika Oleoresin Capsicum annum or Capsicum frutescence
Onion Oleoresin Allium cepa
Basil Oleoresin Ocimum basilicum
White Pepper Oleoresin Piper nigrum
Vanilla Oleoresin Vanilla planifolia

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